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The Unexpected Garden Tour

I love finding the unexpected.

Last summer in 2015, I went on the Snohomish Garden Tour in the historic district. I was pleasantly surprised to find some unexpected art and other amazements.

The first order of the day was crossing Puget Sound (I affectionately call the moat) via the Kingston/Edmonds Ferry.

With the exception of one curmudgeon, it was a delightful tour. The plentiful gardens surrounding historic homes made it worthwhile. The docents in each garden made people feel welcome, and answered questions. I met one homeowner couple and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with them. All in a good day’s tour.

The surprise came when walking through the Snohomish historic district I came up to St. Michael’s Catholic church that was on the tour. At least I thought it was a church. The sign said it was a church.

A gazebo stood at the end of the narrow path. With too many people already crowded into it, I skirted around to a path along the building, when I came upon a …

Buddha! There was a Buddha statue in a Catholic church garden. How odd I thought. I came across another Buddha clothed in moss and sitting in a birdbath filled with succulents under a chandelier.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through the garden that I realized this place wasn’t a church – I was touring a private garden of artists Guzak and Blake of Angel Arms Works. That will teach me to read the descriptions before entering a garden!

Down the road in the Kerkley garden a couple of folk art pieces caught my eye. I liked how the door with peeling paint looks abandoned leaning up against the house, with a little angel sticking by its side.

I didn’t get the name of this fig tree loaded with fruit. This healthy-looking shrub also had a clematis growing up through its branches.

Finally the crowds thinned out and I went over to take a good look at the arbor. A large grape vine covered it completely. It too was loaded with fruit.

Have a piece of succulent cake. Made with soil, moss and succulents, this was a fun surprise sitting on one of the porch benches.