Grow Tent Packages Buying Guide

When it comes to growing plants indoors one of the best options is a grow tent. This will save you the effort and time you would have spend preparing an entire room for the task. It is also easier to manage and control. To make the most out of this venture it is best to opt for grow tent packages instead of buying various grow tent kits separately. This saves you the effort and the time and ensures nothing is forgotten when you decide to set up the garden.

When looking in the market for grow rooms there are various things you should bear in mind. We look at these and will help you make the best decision. Here is what to consider:

Size of the grow tent

This will depend on several factors. The options range from 2 by 4 to 10 by 20 and whichever you choose is entirely up to you. When making this decision consider the amount of space you would like to allocate the tent and the plants you intend to grow in the tent. If you intent to grow many crops then a bigger size is better. Consider what your budget is as well bearing in mind that the bigger the grow tent the more expensive the grow tent packages will be.

LED vs HPS grow Lights

All plants require warmth but the amounts they require differ. The kind of grow lights in the package you purchase should be able to provide adequate warmth for the plants you will be growing in there. LED is perfect for plants that require moderate warmth. These are cheaper in terms of the bills you have to pay. On the other hand plants that naturally grow in the tropics require a lot of warmth and to grow this you need HPS grow lights. For those living in the tropics they can use LED lights to grow tropical plants since the environmental temperatures cater for the additional warmth needed.

Quality vs cost

Grow tent packages come in differing qualities. These determine the final price at which such are sold. After all a lot of work and quality materials go into making high quality packages and these needs to be compensated. The fabric making the tent should be dense so as to keep noise, light and smell in the tent. It will also serve to keep pests and airborne spores out and hence protect your plants from infections. If you are looking for a package that will serve you for a long term choose a high quality one. If this gardening is just a temporary thing you are getting in to, you can opt for low quality and you will get a cheap bargain.


The light is the source of warmth for the plants and hence should be kept in the tent as much as possible. None should escape to the outside. A good tent will have a reflective surface, firm zippers and a heavy fabric all of which work to ensure the heat is preserved inside the tent without escaping. Be particularly careful with the zips as they are likely to be the first point to get damaged due to frequent use. They should be broad and easy to use.